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What is RESPONSIBILITIES in Oracle apps?

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What is RESPONSIBILITIES in Oracle apps?
posted Nov 4, 2015 by Archana

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1 Answer

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Responsibility in Oracle Apps:
A responsibility lets you control what (forms / reports ) a user can access when logged into it.
A responsibility will have one main menu. Under that main menu you can have other sub menus or functions. Each of these responsibilities can be assigned to various user accounts.
Menu is assigned to responsibility –> Responsibility is assigned the user.
When user logs into Oracle apps, he will see a list of responsibilities that he can access. When he gets into one of the responsibilities, he will see the list of menus, sub menus and functions he can access.

Technical details:
Responsibility details are stored in the following tables:

FND_RESPONSIBILITY_VL: is available which a join between FND_RESPONSIBILITY and FND_RESPONSIBILITY_TL table. This view can be used to get responsibility name and description based on responsibility ID.
FND_USER_RESP_GROUPS_ALL: can be used to find out the association of the user with the responsibility. This view contains user id and responsibility id. This view can be joined with FND_USER and FND_RESPONSIBILITY_TL table to select all the responsibilities assigned to an user.

answer Nov 4, 2015 by Shivaranjini