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Why we use enable high precision in session properties?

+2 votes
Why we use enable high precision in session properties?
posted Oct 23, 2015 by Sunil

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1 Answer

0 votes

Processes the Decimal datatype to a precision of 28

answer Oct 23, 2015 by Manikandan J
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i have an issue where i get flat file with date and time extension to flat file name like test_28-10-2012.txt

I can get the flat file name in mapping through checking the AddCurrentlyProcessedFileNameproperty in Source Analyzer,from there i can do my logic but my question is

how can i dynamically give the flat file name in Source file name property of session.

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I have a scenario where my source file name will be coming from one db table I have to read that value and pass it in the value of Source File Name in Session properties.

Till now I have tried like I have created 2 sessions where the 1st session will read the db table where the source file name is stored and store it in one mapping variable and in post success variable assignment I am assigning the mapping variable value to workflow variable and in the next main session I am trying to give the workflow variable in the session file name attribute .

But it is showing error like below

fail to expand variables in file field [$$WL_File].

How can I achieve this.

Please suggest some ideas.

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I have requirement where I will create a mapping manually and I will use unix to create task and workflow and update sessions properties with some default values.
How to do that?