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What are top points to remember while launching a mobile apps?

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Please suggest points for mobile apps?

posted Oct 22, 2015 by Ramesh Roy

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1 Answer

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1. Users

Firstly: mind your users. Who are they? How do people use your app? Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them when still developing your app. When realizing target audiences, try to build those on common passions in stead of demographical characteristics. And finally: make sure you know who the early adoptors of your app will be. They’ll be your most important ambassadors in the first months.

2. Content

Content, content, content! Technology means nothing if you can’t provide in excellent multimedia items. Never underestimate the difficulty and price of creating it: but be sure not to underestimate the value of having acces to it either. Consider your partners: content is often found in archives and musea. And make sure you don’t overlook the opportunities of user-generated content – creating ambassadors while receiving content freely is truly priceless.

3. Interaction

For many users, interaction is the key to an unforgettable experience. Starting at an question-and-answer game, ending at a multi-player roleplaying game on location: the possibilities are endless. Gameplay intensifies both the experience of a story and the understanding of a message. Remember: the better the experience, the greater the chance of an enthousiastic remark on social media.

4. Organization

Developing the app is just the first stage of your mobile marketing strategy. Don’t forget to implement the upkeep of the app in your organization! Make sure someone is responsible for updating content, monitoring use and developing the technology. Remember that technology is never fixed, but always evolving, as should your app.

5. Communication

Launch all the apps you’d like: if no one knows about them, no one will use them. Design a communication strategy for the app beforehand, and keep on developing it as the app grows. Just sending out a press release won’t do the trick! As locations are visible in the app, so should people find information about your app in the tourist office and attractions troughout town. Key question in your strategy: how does the app contribute to your company goals?

6. Finance

Last, but surely not least: money. Apps will cost you some, and not just once. While technology and your city change, so should your app. However, there are several possibilities voor generating return on investment. Beyond in-app advertising and paid applications, cooperation with the hospitality sector, shops, touristic attractions and other local businesses can provide endless options for creating revenue.

answer Nov 24, 2015 by Manikandan J
Hey, I am satisfied with these points, well defined. Thanks for sharing :)
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