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What is workload in terms of processes?

+2 votes

I have read somewhere workload is nothing but a group of processes running under same compartment. Where compartment is n- Partition / virtual partition.

Is it correct?

posted Oct 21, 2015 by anonymous

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How a background process is treated by operating system ?

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I am using gprof on an HP-UX system for a program compiled with HP's native aCC (using the -G option, which is documented as compatible with gprof).

I get this every time I run gprof on even a small sample gmon.out:

$ gprof  gmon.out > gprof.out    
gprof: out of memory allocating ********** bytes after a total of 15552512 bytes

This works on other HPs we have in house, though I don't have access to them to be able to track down why.

Any clues that might point me in the right direction?

4,294,967,256 seems like an awful lot of memory to handle a 8,647,174 byte gmon.out file....

+1 vote

I am trying to understand nPar and vPar.

From this link I am getting very confused.

What is the meaning of partitioning hardware and software?

I have read somewhere that each nPar will run its own OS.(HP-UX). What is the meaning of that?

Can anybody help?

+1 vote

while going through various synchronization mechanism like semaphore, mutex. I stopped at Monitor. I want to know how it is differ from semaphore and mutex. when use of monitor is preferable than semaphore and mutex ?

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