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32 bit xface fedora will not boot

+2 votes

I downloaded the 32 bit ver of xface fedora spin . I burned it to DVD. After I try to boot it will not boot at all so I try to re download it try to burn it again it dose burn it all the way and pass. But when I try to boot off DVD it dose not boot . So I try a burn copy of the 64bit ver and it boot's just fine . Any ideas

posted Oct 14, 2015 by anonymous

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I assume you meant Fedora-Live-Xfce-i686-22-3.iso. I just downloaded and booted using the ISO in a Virtual Machine.

Did you check the download checksum?

$ sha256sum Fedora-Live-Xfce-i686-22-3.iso
4b76fe7db8ee2ad24499e84abfa6830b4f75f45b5772cfcc905ea928cb6852ae Fedora-Live-Xfce-i686-22-3.iso

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Following article suggest that Fedora 23 might be 64-bit only:

How hard is it to make a 32-bit distro if you are making a 64-bit one anyway? I guess in the back of my mind I sorta assumed it was scripted and automatic, so it just meant running some script twice rather than once.

Is it a tremendous hassle to make a 32-bit distro if you are making a 64-bit one anyway?

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Long ago I knew a way to get the boot process to require a keystroke at each step. This was important when you were trying to read the screen to figure out what is happening, typically wrong.

Can someone point me to how to do this on fedora?

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I followed the official documentation to try to boot in "rescue" mode and then when booting from the live CD I pressed "tab" key, deleted all the command line and then put "linux rescue".

However, fedora always boot "normally"!! I found no /mnt/ sysimage

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I somehow deleted /tmp when I was deleting files from /tmp to make room. Now I get errors when I boot and try to login

There is a problem with the configuration server.
(/usr/libexec/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)

When I close that, I get:

Install problem!
The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly. Please contact your computer administrator.

One time I saw the login options - when I logged in I only saw a black screen. Other than doing an install, is there a way to recover the files in /tmp?

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