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Can we load flatfile's data one by one to a single relational table??

+1 vote

There are n numbers of flatfile of exactly same format are placed in a folder . Can we load these flatfile's data one by one to a single relational table??

posted Oct 13, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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1 Answer

0 votes

Use source type as Indirect File Type and source file name as a file having the names of all the n flatfiles to be read.

answer Oct 14, 2015 by Shivaranjini
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Design a mapping to load the first record from a flat file into one table A, the last record from a flat file into table B and the remaining records into table C?

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Suppose if we have duplicate records in a table temp_n. Now I want to pass unique values to t1 and duplicate values to t2 in single mapping? How can we achieve?

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I am creating an informatica workflow which can extract data from two tables of DB2 database and load into a temporary table.

Suppose the two source tables name are Account (Parent) and Activities (Child).
They have 1:M relationship. Means an Account can have many Activities (Account.PK = Activities.FK).

Activities table has two columns- first 'Type' whose value could be 'Paid', 'Will-Pay' or 'Not-Paid'.And second column is 'Created_Date' datetime datatype, whenever you create new activity record, date and time would get stamp in this field.

Now, condition to load data in temporary table is - "For an Account record, it would 1st check in Activities table for today's Paid activities (Type = Paid). If it finds more than one paid activities, then it would pick the Latest created one (Created_Date column) out of them. If there is no Paid activity record for the Account, then it would pick latest created 'Will-Pay' activity."

Means, it should pick latest Paid activity for today (Sysdate) for an Account, if it is not present then only It will pick latest Will-pay activity for today.

Please help me to understand how I can implement this logic in Informatica workflow and which transformations I should use and how?

Thanks alot. Kindly help.

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