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How much Handover Latency is there in LTE

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How much Handover Latency is there in LTE
posted Oct 8, 2015 by Mallikharjuna Reddy

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It can not be described in one statement, its case to case basis (inter enb/mme/rat)  and situations of the handover. Not clear what you want to ask??

Please clarify...
I want for Inter,IRAT situations.

1 Answer

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In 36.331 t304 timer is defined. It's min value is 50 ms and Max value is 2000 ms. ENB configures this parameter and informs UE through rrc reconfiguration with mobility parameters if UE is trying to perform HO. UE starts t304 timer and try to complete HO by sending rrc reconfiguration complete to the target eNB before expiring t304 timer.
So t304 timer is the Max latency allowed to UE to complete HO after getting rrc reconfiguration with mobility parameters.

answer Oct 10, 2015 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
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Hi to everyone,
how much energy a handover execution cost to a UserEquipment?
I mean from the energetic point of view the whole handover Processing/Signaling is made in the enBs and MME, the only amount of energy spent in the user equipment other than the measurement report that triggers the HO is the energy spent is in the RRC Configuration (SETTING THE RADIO INTERFACE TO COMMUNICATE TO HenB ).
Anyone has some reference about the RRC Reconfiguration cost in energy for the User Equipment?
I have been looking in the internet but there are just papers talking about the consumption on the multimedia applications, but not how much the signalling costs for a UE.

+1 vote

What configuration changes need to be done at the LTE nodes to enable handover signalling between the two LTE networks ?

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