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How to set different isolated icons while using AnimatedCluster strategy in openlayers?

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To achive clustering I am using AnimatedCluster.js. For a feature I have given a style which includes an external image. I want to show different icon images for features having different value of one of their attributes. This can be easily achieved without using clustering strategy. But with clustering strategy , it is not able to read the perticular attribute if the image using style rules.

posted Aug 13, 2013 by Arpit Jain

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Thanks for the help Nora, but I have achieved that thing, that is custom icon for a single feature. But my requirement is to show different icons based on the attribute of the feature while using the clustering strategy.

I can specify a single custom icon for features in style rule. But when I am specify multiple style rule which show different icons depending on the attribute value then it start showing the default icon for all features. I guess the attribute value of the feature is not found to the style rule.

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