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Should UE wait for contention timer expiry and then transmit preamble?

+3 votes

Should UE wait for contention timer expiry and then transmit preamble? When UE is in RRC_CONNECTED state and after transmitting a RRCConnectionReconfigurationComplete message for a handover without dedicated preamble eNB does not schedule any PDCCH transmission addressed to UE C-RNTI before Contention resolution timer expiry and configured to not transmit RLC ACK for this transmission.
But AMpollretransmit timer is expired before contention timer, which initiates preamble for retransmission of RLC PDU whose ACK is not received.

posted Aug 12, 2013 by Giri Prasad

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I assume timer is contentionResolutionTimer. Frankly speaking I don't have any clue about this problem check the following link if it can help.
Hi Giriprasad, could you be a little more clear with your question.
What I understood,
 Your RRCRecfgComp is arriving without dedicated preamble and thus eNB is not scheduling any PDCCH to UE.
Where I am confused,
How does Contention resolution come into picture here when handover in RRC_CONNECTED involves Non-contention resolution RAP?
Pls correct me if I am wrong.

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Say e.g ENB given some random preamble to UE1 to do RACH, but in -case same preamble is selected by UE2(preamble given to UE 1) and doing RACH .
In the above scenario ENB will not give any CRM message to UE's so how contention will be resolved for UE2?