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How to Delete duplicate row using Informatica?

+1 vote
How to Delete duplicate row using Informatica?
posted Aug 11, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni

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2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

If source is relational then select data through query with distinct.
If source is Flat file then in mapping use Sorter and Aggregator Transformation with group by option.

answer Aug 14, 2013 by Shatark Bajpai
+1 vote

To delete duplicate records in Informatica , We can use Post SQL query in target.

answer Aug 14, 2013 by Nandan Kumar
I think it is the Distinct option on the Source Table.
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How to transform rows into column using Normalizer in Informatica?

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I have developed an Informatica PowerDesigner 9.1 ETL Job which uses lookup and an update transform to detect if the target table has the the incoming rows from the source or not. I have set for the Update transform a condition

IIF(ISNULL(target_table_surrogate_id), DD_INSERT, DD_REJECT)

Now, when the incoming row is already in the target table, the row is rejected. Informatica writes these rejected rows into a .bad file. How to prevent this? Is there a way to determine that the rejected rows are not written into a .bad file? Or should I use e.g. a router insted of an update transform to determine if the row is insert row an then discard the other rows?

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How can we delete duplicate rows from source database table using informatica. This has to be done without using any other table. Means source and target is same table in Oracle database.

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How can we update a record in target table without using Update strategy?

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