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Installing virt-manager in Fedora 19 did not create a network bridge

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When I installed virt-manager in Ubuntu, it created a network bridge called virbr0. Now that I have installed virt-manager in Fedora 19, it did not create a network bridge. So how do I create a network bridge? Is virt-manager supposed to create a network bridge?

I installed virt-manager using the following command.

sudo yum install virt-manager

Are there any more rpm packages which I am supposed to install?

posted Aug 9, 2013 by Seema Siddique

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1 Answer

0 votes

The bridge is created when you configure and start libvirtd.

answer Aug 9, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni
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I would like to create VBox from a resized image file. Because --resize seems to be supported only for VDI formats, I think I have to convert the image temporarily.

I'm using the following sequence:
$ VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename tmp.vmdk -rawdisk disk_v1.0.0.img
$ VBoxManage clonehd "tmp.vmdk" "tmp.vdi" --format vdi
$ VBoxManage modifyhd "tmp.vdi" --resize 2048
$ VBoxManage clonehd "tmp.vdi" "disk_v1.0.0.vmdk" --format vmdk

(In future I think I continue with creation of an appliance from that).

The clonehd "registers" the disk to Virtual Media Manager and I found no "removehd", thus I get warnings when deleting the tmp files and can run the commands only once.

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I'm having trouble starting transmission-daemon. When I try to start it with systemctl, it hangs:

 # systemctl start transmission-daemon.service

If I let it be for a few minutes (~5), it finishes with a failure. The log is extremely unhelpful. This is very strange because it was working just fine until a few days ago.

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I have just installed virt-manager in Fedora 19. I have looked into the /etc/init.d directory but I can't find any init scripts for libvirt.

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I just installed Fedora 19 anew from the live cd and I'm having a few issues. One is that I'm trying to install a java application that requires the jar command, but jar can't be found:

jar xf myApp.jar 
bash: jar: command not found...

I have this:

rpm -qa | grep -i java

Shouldn't jar be in one of these? If not, could someone please tell me what package provides that?