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How does APN enabled SIPTO work?

+1 vote

23.401 said that SIPTO above RAN uses TAI during the DNS interrogation. But I could't find the DNS interrogation using TAI in TS29.303. Could you show me the way or doc. for easy understanding?

TS 23.401
In order to select the appropriate PDN GW for SIPTO above RAN service, the PDN GW selection function uses the TAI (Tracking Area Identity), the serving eNodeB identifier, or TAI together with serving eNodeB identifier depending on the operator's deployment during the DNS interrogation as specified in TS 29.303 [61] to find the PDN GW identity.

posted Sep 14, 2015 by anonymous

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If a APN is SIPTO enabled, MME has to select the geographically closer GWs during GW selection and continue to do so during UE Mobility. My question is what are the parameters of DNS query and what is the actual syntax of that query ?

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