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What is TAU storm and how this problem can be resolved ?

+2 votes
What is TAU storm and how this problem can be resolved ?
posted Sep 12, 2015 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

When a huge no. of users move from one cell to another cell belonging to another TA and the respective tracking area has not been included in the assigned Tracking Area List to users. And all the users execute tracking area update procedure simultaneously.For example: when all the users are moving in a train.

There can be multiple solution for this problem but one solution which I would like to share with you is as following:
- Normally, network maintain tracking area list based on the cell , UE connects to the network.
- If network assign same tracking area list (TAL) to each user then there is a possibility for TAU storm.
- Network may put some intelligence based on the location of cell (near to railway station ), it may use to assign different TAL to each user to avoid TAU storm.

answer Sep 13, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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