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MME Initiated UE Context release Due to Transport Resource Unavailable

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I am facing the problem during UE attach

  1. S1AP/NAS-EPS 134 id-initialUEMessage, Attach request, PDN connectivity request
  2. S1AP/NAS-EPS 138 SACK id-downlinkNASTransport, Authentication request
  3. S1AP/NAS-EPS 138 SACK id-uplinkNASTransport, Authentication response
  4. S1AP 98 SACK id-UEContextRelease, UEContextReleaseCommand [Transport-cause=transport-resource-unavailable]

What is the reason for UE Context release

posted Sep 11, 2015 by Subhashchandra

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This means that "The required transport resources are not available" but cant say anything without much information on the case.
Can you please provide more details?

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