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What is 72,76 values in ReportConfigInterRAT- B2-UTRA(-72, -76) IE plz explain in detail?

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What is 72,76 values in ReportConfigInterRAT- B2-UTRA(-72, -76) IE plz explain in detail?
posted Sep 11, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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Both the events B1 and B2 are associated with InterRAT measurement reporting configuration.
B2-UTRA (-72, -76) are telling about event B2 threshold 1 and threshold2 values respectively.
Since threshold1 represents ThresholdEUTRA which will be a RSRP value while threshold2 represents ThresholdUTRA which will be utra-RSCP ( Received Signal code power).

Please go through the following information which will help you to understand.

ReportConfigInterRAT ::=            SEQUENCE {
    triggerType                         CHOICE {
        event                               SEQUENCE {
            eventId                             CHOICE {
                eventB1                             SEQUENCE {
                    b1-Threshold                        CHOICE {
                        b1-ThresholdUTRA                    ThresholdUTRA,
                        b1-ThresholdGERAN                   ThresholdGERAN,
                        b1-ThresholdCDMA2000                ThresholdCDMA2000
                eventB2                             SEQUENCE {
                    b2-Threshold1                       ThresholdEUTRA,
                    b2-Threshold2                       CHOICE {
                        b2-Threshold2UTRA                   ThresholdUTRA,
                        b2-Threshold2GERAN                  ThresholdGERAN,
                        b2-Threshold2CDMA2000               ThresholdCDMA2000
            hysteresis                      Hysteresis,
            timeToTrigger                   TimeToTrigger
        periodical                              SEQUENCE {
            purpose                                 ENUMERATED {
    maxReportCells                      INTEGER (1..maxCellReport),
    reportInterval                      ReportInterval, 
    reportAmount                        ENUMERATED {r1, r2, r4, r8, r16, r32, r64, infinity},
    [[  si-RequestForHO-r9                  ENUMERATED {setup}      OPTIONAL    -- Cond reportCGI
    [[  reportQuantityUTRA-FDD-r10          ENUMERATED {both}       OPTIONAL    -- Need OR
    [[  includeLocationInfo-r11             BOOLEAN                 OPTIONAL    -- Need ON

ThresholdUTRA ::=                   CHOICE{
    utra-RSCP                           INTEGER (-5..91),
    utra-EcN0                           INTEGER (0..49)
answer Sep 11, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
will u tel me why we are mentioning ThresholdEUTRA threshold in event B2.Event B2 is not related to eutra na?
Event B2:    PCell becomes worse than absolute threshold1 AND Neighbour becomes better than another absolute threshold2.

This is what definition written in specification. PCell is always a cell through which UE is connected to network. And the PCell is a E-UTRAN cell .
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