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How to find out roaming or non roaming subscribers from diameter CCR initial request?

+2 votes
How to find out roaming or non roaming subscribers from diameter CCR initial request?
posted Sep 5, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

While building Create Session Request message towards SGW node , serving network IE is added into message.
Once the PGW receives CS Request message from the SGW, it fetches "Serving Network" IE from the message and use the information presents within the serving network IE while creating the CCR message as part of IP-CAN Session Establishment Procedure towards the PCRF.

[3GPP-SGSN-MCC-MNC ] AVP of CCR message carries serving network information for an UE. Based on this serving network information, PCRF provides PCC rules to PCEF.

answer Sep 5, 2015 by Neeraj Mishra
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enter image description here


For the CCR (Initial Request), the CCA is of the above format in my internal testsetup. This seems like Dynamic Rule configuration. I am not sure whether we need to send info like "Flow information" or TFT in CCA. This was answered earlier by Peeyush ( that it is not needed). But wanted to crosscheck the same ?

{ Imp Please Note: This is my initial basic implementation, so only basic necessary AVPs are handled. }

Thanks a lot for the comments and replies

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Some techies tell that diameter supports better roaming as compare to radius protocol. Can someone please explain why it is called ?

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Client is sending a CCR request with Vendor-specific-application-id[vendor id and Auth-application-id] instead of Auth-Apllication-Id. As per RFC its valid behavior.But server is sending CCA with DIAMETER_MISSING_AVP and Failed-AVP contains Auth-application-id.

Can you suggest me needed changes to accept CCR request with Vendor-specific-application-id.

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We are facing a problem with Diameter Credit Control Application:

Diameter client sends a CCR-update message to server,but server does not respond to the request. Now,as client is configured with session failover, it will send CCR-update to backup server. In this update message, Destination Host AVP is not being included. (???) Hence, in same destination realm, this request is forwarded to random peer. This random peer is responding with failure message as "Diamater Unable to Comply". Whats wrong here..?? (in rfc 4006, I'm not able to track this kind of scenario!)

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