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How do you start your own casino? Is it possible?

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Gambling has been around for thousands of years with evidence of people playing early dice and other games all the way back in ancient China and India. Human beings like to gamble and take risks. We also like to win. The first casino was started in Venice back in 1638. In the 1820’s casinos operated on the riverboats down the Mississippi, unregulated, they were a magnet for card cheats. In 1906 The Golden Gate Casino opened in Las Vegas and is the oldest and smallest hotel casino on Fremont Street.

Today the gambling industry’s revenue is nearly $500 billion annually and is a truly global business. Although there are countries where gambling is illegal offshore casinos have made it possible for people to play online even in regions where gambling is banned.

You might be thinking to yourself that you would like to have a slice of that pie. After all the house always wins so why not become the house instead of the gambler? Is this possible though? What would it take for you to be able to open your own casino in this day and age?


Is it possible to open a casino?

The short answer is yes. It is definitely not impossible but there are many reasons why it is going to be difficult. The ifrst factor for any new business right now is how Covid-19 would affect it. With all the restrictions in place on social distancing and operating rules you would have to ask yourself if it is worth starting any new business up. Let us assume though that Covid has passed and see what else needs to be addressed.


Does your region or country allow gambling?

There are different gambling laws and regulations all over the world. Indeed there can be different laws for different areas of the same country. In India gambling is only allowed in 3 states currently and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. The US allows land based casinos in about 24 states currently and only 12 states allow online casinos. Texas has very strict laws and Thailand does not allow any gambling except on the state lottery and horse racing.

You will need to research your local laws first and if they prevent you from opening a casino then you have two other options. One is to find a new location and the other is to start an online casino. Even if your state bans online casinos and online gambling there are legal ways around this that you can read further down. Don’t forget it will not just be a gaming licence you need, if you want to serve alcohol, and it’s fairly certain that you do then you will need a liquor licence too.


Find investors

You will need to put together a viable, professional business plan thatyou can confidently present to potential investors. The plan must be realist and feasible. You will want to show your potential investors that there is a demand for a casino in your chosen area, how you will beat any competition - perhaps with some unique features you want to incorporate into the casino. Unless you have substantial funds it will be necessary to find a group of investors. This also offsets some of the risks of opening a new business.


Building a great casino team

You need to find the right people to help you run the casino. Even if you decide to start your casino online after all you will still need a team of people but for the point of this let us assume you are still going down the traditional casino route. You need to find staff that are professional and have good solid experience in the casino industry. Depending on what the job is that you are recruiting for your staff may need licenses too.

The first staff member you should recruit is a manager. You want someone with a really good background in this industry and get them to come in early to help start the casino. You will be able to use their experience to your advantage. They should be able to give you recommendations on what equipment to get in such as how many gaming tables, what roulette wheels they recommend and they may have knowledge of the most popular slot machines like blazing star or others that players will spend a lot of money on.


Show me the money

You will need cash. And a lot of it. Not only do you need cash for general payouts when gamblers come to change their chips or tokens you will need to have a certain amount on site always. The Audit Division of the Gaming Control Board will need you to remain compliant at all times. If you fall $1 below your required reserve you must alert the Gaming Control Board. The amount you need to hold differs from casino to casino but be prepared to be holding millions of dollars at any one time. Basically every prize that is on public display needs to be covered. So to put it simply, the cash equivalent of every chip in the house needs to be to hand.


Marketing your establishment

You will need to market the casino. Advertise your grand opening and any special event or entertainment you may be putting on. This could mean local radio, television, billboards and newspaper advertising. Targeting social media getting features published on relevant local websites will help spread the word. If you are opening a larger casino then you might want to spread your advertising further. You can emply an advertising or marketing agency to get a professional team on the case.


Data protection

You will need a compliance officer to make sure all Data Protection Laws are being followed and data stored safely.


Online Casinos

You might now have decided that it is too hard to open a traditional casino and want to consider an online casino that offers the usual games like blackjack, ruletka, poker like a land based casino does but with less investment and staff. The bad news is a conservative estimate to start an online casino is still going to be between $1 and $2 million plus you will need to allow a monthly marketing budget of around $50,000 to start with. However one bonus is that if you live in a place where gambling is not allowed you can set your servers in another country such as Gibraltar which welcomes online casinos and still operate in other countries.

You will need a team of coders, app developers, SEO team, marketing experts and more. It might after all be easier just to carry on enjoying the games as a player instead of being the owner.

posted Oct 30 by Divya Bharti

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Roulette is a fun and exciting game to play with an online casino and with some good fortune and strategies an easy way to win some money.

Good choices and strategies are important when playing roulette so let's take a look through some helpful tips and ideas to help you win more than you lose.


The Basics

The game of roulette involves placing bets on where you think the ball will land on the roulette wheel. You place your bets on the table before the croupier spins the wheel and rolls the ball.

There are many various different bets you can place including what number you think the ball will land, if the number will be black or red, if the ball will land on an odd or even number or different sections of the table.

Each different bet has odds that reflect the probability of it actually happening. So the chances of the ball landing on your choice of number will be much higher, so winning you more profit than just choosing a colour.


Choosing The Safest Bets 

If you are looking to play it safe while playing roulette on your chosen online casino or kasyno as there known in Polish, then choosing the safest most likely bets to come in is the order of the day. 

The safest bets to make are those with the shortest odds, including betting on black or red and odds and evens. These bets are two to one, which means for every one pound placed on this bet you win two pounds back, basically doubling your initial bet.

Another safe bet is choosing a section of the board to bet on, choosing the side bets of 1st to 12, 2nd to 12 or 3rd to 12. The same applies to betting on a whole line of the board to come in from top to bottom.

These bets have a three to one odds as they are covering one third of the board, so for every one pound bet should you win you will get three pounds.

You can make this an even safer bet by choosing to bet on two sections which means you cover two thirds of the table with even higher odds. 


Playing The Numbers

Lots of people tend to choose betting on separate numbers when playing online roulette. This will give you much larger winnings should the ball land on your chosen numbers but the odds are much higher for a reason as there is a lot less chance of that happening.

Should you decide to choose betting on numbers it's probably a good idea to keep the amount you are getting small. This way you should lose, you are only losing a small amount of money but if you do win the amount will still be a good amount.

Choosing your lucky numbers or birthday dates is a good idea when picking which numbers to bet on.


Play With In Your Bank Roll

This is really important with any games that you decide to play and bet on when using an online casino.

There is no point setting yourself a limit of say, one hundred pounds, and with in your first bet using all the money up. Its all about playing sensibly with the funds you have availaible to you.

Always stick the betting limits you have set yourself, should you lose all your stake it's time to walk away and come back and play another day.

Also do not get overconfident should you start getting on a winning roll. Lady luck does not last forever. Set yourself not only a limit of how much you are willing to lose before walking away but also an amount where if you are up a certain amount from your bets that you will also walk away.

There is no point winning money on the roulette only to keep playin and eventually lose it all, again this is about gambling smart and responsibly.


Find Strategies For Roulette

There are many different strategies that people use when playing online roulette and many of them can be found online.

It's important to remember though that no strategy is full proof and will not always work one hundred percent of the time.

Instead of relying on older strategies and methods you could work on your own system of roulette betting. Read up on all the various roulette strategies that people have come up with and take the best bits that you think will work from all of them to create your own plan.


Do Not Bet On Every Spin

It can be tempting to just keep on beating with every spin of the wheel with roulette but sometimes it can be better to sit out on some games before returning to bet.

This will also make your game time longer and stretch your betting limits longer. When you miss out on a spin, keep track of what numbers come in to help make your decision for your bet on the next spin of the wheel.

Should you not bet on every spin it's important to not place a bet in your head and beat yourself up should that bet have landed. Instead although watch what happens with the spin do not pick out where you would have placed your bets for that go.

Also take regular breaks from playing roulette and instead go and have some fun on the slot machine games such as book of dead.


To Sum Up

Roulette is very much a game of chance and luck and to be successful you will need to be lucky from time to time. But playing the game wisely and making smarter bets can increase your chances of success.

Follow the above tips to help try and become more successful with your betting with roulette on an online casino.

It's also always important to remember that the odds are stacked against you so there is no full proof way of winning, so instead play for the enjoyment and thrill you get from making your bets on roulette. And always only ever use expendable money when playing with an online casino.


In September 2020, the World Poker Tournament announced that WPT Online India would take place from 5th November to 22nd November, and Adda52 would power the online tournament. 

WPT Online India’s timing couldn’t have been better as it coincides with Diwali and the festive season, which is traditionally associated with gambling in the subcontinent.

However, in this article, we explore exactly why playing cards and gambling has become associated with Diwali.

The mythology behind Diwali and gambling

According to Indian mythology, Goddess Parvati is the goddess of love, beauty, harmony, strength, and power. She is also the Hindu god Shiva’s wife, who is considered the creator, destroyer, and protector of the universe.

It is said that both of them decided to play a cosmic game of dice on Diwali and any human that gambles on that day has Parvati’s blessings with them.

In certain parts of the country, it is also believed that anyone who does not gamble on Diwali will be reborn as a donkey in their next life.

Even though gambling is somewhat considered a vice, on Diwali, it is celebrated by Hindu Indians worldwide.

This has led to a noticeable effect on casinos and sportsbooks, both online and offline, on Diwali not only in India but across the world.


Diwali’s Impact on Online Gambling in India

The numbers demonstrate the effect of Diwali on online poker and gambling sites. In 2017, the Times of India reported that the festive season caused the revenue of many online gambling sites to go up by 30% at least.

Catching on the trend, top-rated online casinos in India like Royal Panda also offer promotions and bonuses during the festive season.

However, the effect of the festive season is not only limited to India. Since the Indian diaspora is one of the largest in countries like the United States, a spike in the revenue and traffic for online gambling services is also observed there.

Important to stick to trusted sites for new players

It is common for new players to sign up on online gambling sites during the festive season. These players are usually not very experienced and do not know the ins and outs of online casinos. In some cases, new players often fall for online casinos that might not be the most trustworthy operator.

New players need to stick to online casinos and sportsbooks that are vetted and carry valid licenses and follow regulations. Even if Parvati’s blessings might be with them on Diwali, it cannot protect them from sites that are involved in scams or fraud.


Several industries have witnessed technological improvements in the last decade. One of these sectors is the gaming industry. Game manufacturers roll out highly interactive video games that provide gamers with fantastic gaming experiences. One notable area is the accessibility to conventional online games, which has created a broader outreach. India is one of the top countries with a stronghold in online gaming. Here, gamers can access different popular online card games. Another interesting fact is that most of these games come with excellent graphics, which appeal to gaming enthusiasts, including those who play baccarat in India

The Benefits of Playing Card Games

Playing online card games has its merits, including the improvement of strategic planning, time management, memory power, decision making, and focus. At the same time, these entertaining games relax the minds of gamers. Here are some of the benefits in detail:

1. Reduces Stress

Playing online card games can reduce stress by lowering the secretion of the cortisol (a primary stress hormone) into the body. For card gaming enthusiasts, this hormone's presence is 17% lesser compared to others. Hence, they tend to be happier and refreshed even after a busy day.

2. Increase Interaction

Gaming improves communication and collaboration. In order words, gamers can work with one another to win tournaments and other gameplays. In the process, they can relate better both online and offline. Most introverts will find this experience useless in their everyday lives, as they incorporate their gaming lifestyles into the real world.

3. Develops Skill

Whether you know it or not, gaming improves individuals' mental state in a way that they can focus, analyze, and process their thoughts to enhance an overall gaming experience. Most card games come with concentration, strategic planning, attention, and even financial management. Such qualities play vital roles for single gamers or multiple players in improving their interpersonal and cognitive skills.


Photo by Macau Photo Agency

4. Enhance Engagements

Even though online gaming utilizes short-term memory power, it has also improved various areas, including long-term memory retention. Monotonous routines tend to leave a person's mental state redundant. Hence, online games bridge this gap by creating an environment for people to utilize their mental power. There is no difference between interacting with online gaming opponents and engaging others in activities in the real world.

5. Creates Entertainment

What better way to entertain yourself than to go against other virtual gamers from the comfort of your couch or gaming chair? Provided that there are high-quality internet connectivity and internet-enabled gaming devices, you can enjoy gaming anywhere across the globe. People can easily access gaming apps while on a bus or train to work or waiting for an appointment. There is a broad spectrum of games that suit their preferences and create the right entertaining environment.

Online gaming improves competition, among other things. Some of these rewards include tournament prizes, eye-catching jackpots, and bonanzas. As such, there is always something to look forward to when playing virtual games. Gaming enthusiasts can access gaming guides and video tutorials online to improve their skills and acquaint themselves with more gaming options. By doing so, they can enjoy a satisfactory gaming experience.

Generally, these games feature fantastic user-friendly interfaces, interactive and responsive customer support, high-end security, discounts, among others. Hence, you can always look forward to enjoying your online games with family and friends. When considering the long-term benefits, virtual games can help gaming enthusiasts develop leadership skills, teamwork cooperation, intuitive abilities, complex analytical and problem-solving skills, concentration, alertness, observation, and decision making. During gameplay, players anticipate unexpected outcomes and come up with strategies to counter them. As such, they can apply this technique to real-world scenarios.

In conclusion, online games create the break needed from a monotonous, activity-filled lifestyle, while improving sociability and relieving stress.

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