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A Sports app made for both stats seekers and sports professionals.

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The sporting world is extremely large and diverse. And it becomes a hundred times more diverse when it comes to country like India. There are lots of national and local championships in various sports and it may seem to be difficult to stay informed of all sports events happening at national level, let alone events happening at district or at your regional level . You can watch sports news day and night, devote hours to the reading sports section of newspapers or visit an abundance of websites to keep track of your favorite teams and players. However, there is an easier way to do that. Instead of browsing multiple sites, you can just download this sports app known as “YoGems”.

This sports app, YoGems not only gives you the list of national sports activities but also provides detailed breakdown for statistic seekers of each play and lets you follow your local players and teams, giving personalized notifications of news and big plays that matter to you, around you. This app also provides its user with schedule, results and stats from all school to state level events held in India by school boards like CBSE, ICSE, SGFI. Making it, the only app based in India which provides info about these tournaments.

This app is not only limited to just stats and figures, it also enable users to take part in various sports and extra-curricular activities around them, held exclusively by YoGems and their partners. Thus motivating its users to live a healthy and physically fit life. YoGems also provide their users with an opportunity to explore and participate in official CBSE, SGFI, KheloIndia calender events and help, finding those events result on the app. Activities at YoGems doesn't include just sports but it also include to-do things like Yoga, Arts, DIY, spelling bee, Performing Arts, Creative Writing, Poem, Story and much more.

But wait, there is more to the wonders of this app. Unlike any other sports app in business, you have features to share achievements and game summaries with your mates and followers in this application. Making it a mini hub for sports players. In this hub, user can create his/her YoGems profile and list all his Medals, Trophies and achievements in Sports, Academics, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Writing, Poem, Story and any other activity. 

So just don't sit here in awe wondering; go and download this app which is available for free in play store right now, for your daily news on local sporting activities in India.

posted Aug 9, 2019 by Aayna Singh

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