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Why do cyclists shave their legs?

+1 vote
Why do cyclists shave their legs?
posted Jul 4, 2016 by Deepika Jain

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1 Answer

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Best answer

It Improves Your Aerodynamics on the Bike
The Theory: In this age of seamless skinsuits, aero frames, dimpled helmets, and ultralight deep-rim carbon wheels, it's senseless to ignore the slight but real advantage of having bare legs.

"It [the actual benefit] depends upon how hairy you are. I mean, look at the skinsuits of today. They fit really well, there are no seams, no grippers. So if all that makes a difference, then a lot of hair on your legs could slow you down." —former pro Levi Leipheimer

"Maybe at the most elite level of time-trialing. On a mountain bike: no way, not a bit." — Multitime U.S. national mountain bike champion Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski

"In terms of actual aerodynamics [not much]. But I know that if I ever looked down while I was on the bike and saw hairy legs I immediately felt slower." — Tour de France stage winner Davis Phinney

"Absolutely. In your mind, having shaved legs makes you feel faster. I always shave before a time trial. You feel the wind flowing over your legs." — RadioShack pro Chris Horner

answer Jul 8, 2016 by Amrita
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