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Why do table tennis players have to throw the ball so high when serving?

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Why do table tennis players have to throw the ball so high when serving?
posted Mar 26, 2019 by Vinni Fernandis

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1 Answer

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Serving a Ball with a Topspin. Get into position for a serve. Where you stand will depend on which hand is your dominant hand.

Throw the ball into the air from an open palm.

International ping pong rules state that a ball must be thrown straight up into the air when it is served. You may not serve the ball directly from your hand.

  • When you do this your hand should roughly be at chest level.
  • You must throw the ball into the air at least six inches, or about the height of the net.
  • You should not toss the ball up and forwards or up and back towards you. Aim to toss it straight up into the air.

Hit the ball for your serve when it comes back down.

  • You should serve when it gets to about chest or belly level.
  • If you serve the ball too low, it won’t have enough height on the serve to go over the net.
  • If you serve the ball too high, it might bounce too high or too fast after your serve.
  • Hitting it about chest level or just below will allow the ball to accelerate forward and bounce off of the table and over the net.
answer Mar 27, 2019 by Aditi
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