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Who is elder Geeta or Babita, "The Phogat Sister"?

+1 vote
Who is elder Geeta or Babita, "The Phogat Sister"?
posted Mar 23, 2019 by Kevin J

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1 Answer

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As the eldest sister, Geeta has forged a remarkable path for the rest to follow—Commonwealth Games gold in 2010 was followed by a bronze at the 2012 World Championship, a first for Indian women; then she qualified for the Olympics. Her success was followed by her other sisters’, Babita Kumari winning the silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and gold in 2014, where another Phogat girl- Vinesh Phogat also won gold. Geeta is the only one from the six sister who has long hair which she ties in a highly ponytail during her bouts. The rest of the sisters have short crop that barely crosses the nape. In 2013, Geeta won all but one of her seven bouts at the Women’s Wrestling World Cup, finishes second.

answer Mar 25, 2019 by Ati Kumar
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