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Cricket : Why stump out is wicket for bowler, then why run out is not wicket to bowler?

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Why Stump out is wicket for bowler, then why Run out is not wicket to bowler? In both cases, Batsman should be in crease.

posted Jun 25, 2016 by Ritika Sharma

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1 Answer

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A stumping generally happens when the bowler has deceived the batsman with some combination of length, speed and/or spin and has enticed him to come out of his ground to play a shot - as such, it involves an amount of skill on the part of the bowler so they are credited with the wicket.

A run out means that the batsman has hit the ball and decided to run, but for whatever reason there wasn't actually a run there. The skill here comes from the fielders and whoever breaks the wicket, and no significant input from the bowler - as such, they're not credited with a wicket.

answer Sep 27, 2016 by Abhishek Maheshwari
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When bowler is bowling over the wicket and ball pitches out side off and is hitting the stumps, the LBW is given.

But when bowler is bowling around the wicket and ball pitches out side of leg but hitting the stumps then why LBW is not given.

Can any body tell me logic behind this rule?

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