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When was the Court of Arbitration for Sport established, and by which body?

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A1949, by the International Olympic Committee
B1923, by Baron Pierre de Coubertin
C1984, by the International Olympic Committee
D1996, by the European Court of Justice

Correct Option: 3  

The headquarters of the Court are in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has the power to set up ad hoc divisions with the task of settling finally and within a 24-hour time-limit any disputes arising during Olympics or other major international Games. In principle, two types of dispute may be submitted to the CAS: those of a commercial nature, and those of a disciplinary nature. The CAS has nearly 300 arbitrators from 87 countries, withr specialist knowledge of arbitration and sports law. Around 300 cases are registered by the CAS every year.
posted Dec 5, 2017 by anonymous

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