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Which racket sport made it's Olympic debut in 1992?

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Which racket sport made it's Olympic debut in 1992?
posted Aug 23, 2017 by Arun Angadi

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1 Answer

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Badminton made its debut in Olympics at 1992. Total of 63 different nations have appeared in the Olympic badminton competitions till 2016 Olympics. The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich saw the first appearance of badminton, as a demonstration sport. Two decades later the sport debuted in competition at the Barcelona 1992 games where 4 events were held, with singles and doubles events for both men and women. Four medals were awarded in each event, including two bronzes. The next Olympics, Atlanta 1996, had 5 events with the addition of mixed doubles. There was also now a playoff between the two semifinal losers to determine the sole winner of the bronze medal. This format has continued to 2016.

answer Aug 30, 2017 by Arun Naik