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Who is Jude Felix and why he is famous for?

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Who is Jude Felix and why he is famous for?
posted Jun 9, 2016 by Danial Rotwaski

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1 Answer

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Former India captain Jude Felix Sebastian has been appointed as coach of the senior men's national hockey team in December 2014.

Jude Felix

Some Interesting Facts about Jude Felix Sebastian

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    • Felix is an Arjuna Awardee (1995) and was the captain of the Indian Team from 1993-95.
    • He also led Indian team in the 1993 World Cup and in the Asian Games in 1994 at Hiroshima.
    • Felix has played more than 250 international matches and represented India in
  • 2 Olympic Games in 1988 (Korea) and 1992 (Barcelona)
  • 2 World Cups in 1990 (Pakistan) and 1994 (Sydney)
  • 2 Asian Games in 1990 (Beijing) and 1994 (Hiroshima)
  • 3 Champions Trophy in 1985 (Australia), 1987 (Pakistan) and 1989 (Berlin).

    • He has also worked as player cum coach with Racing Club in Paris (European league and French League) in 1997 -2000.
    • He also worked as the coach of Dutch U-18 National Team in the Leo Van Der Kar in 1997.
    • Felix has worked as a player cum coach with Singapore Recreation Club from 1995- 1997 and 2001-2011. During this period, he has been awarded as Coach of the year in 2005 and 2007 by the Singapore Sports Council.


answer May 20, 2017 by Panchika Trivedi