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Pakistan Star Cricketer "Boom Boom" Shahid Afridi

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Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani professional cricketer and former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. He also holds a record of taking most wickets (97) and most player-of-the match awards in Twenty20 International cricket

In 1996, merely at the age of 16, he made his debut in the world of cricket. He was the leg-spinner replacement for the injured Mushtaq Ahmed during the four-nation Sameer Cup 1996-97 against Kenya.

Afridi Used Sachin Tendulkar’s Bat For His Fastest ODI Century. When he was flown-in to bat in place of Ahmed, he did not have his own cricket bat at the time. Waqar Younis gave him Tendulkar’s bat to use in the match against Sri Lanka, his second career match.

Afridi made history on March 17, 2013. Apart from making 88 off 43 balls, Afridi smashed the longest six in cricket history. A vicious swing of the bat from a length ball off Ryan McLaren saw the ball travel 158 meters and onto the roof the Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

For his good looks and charm, Shahid Afridi has won the Lux Style Award for ‘Most Stylish Sportsmen’ in 2007 & 2011.

The movie ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ is a Pakistani movie inspired by the cricketer. The story is about a small boy who wants to follow the path full of dedication and honesty like his idol, Shahid Afridi.

He has won most Man of the Match Awards amongst Team Pakistan. He has received the most amount of awards for his performances in both bowling and batting.

29 times Duck dismissals made him the second batsmen to be dismissed with most Ducks.

Afridi was appointed by UNICEF as a board member for anti-polio campaigns in tribal areas. He was nominated amongst 20 other sportsmen for ‘Most Charitable Athletes‘ in 2015.

posted Jul 27, 2017 by Mohammed S

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