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How many events make up the Heptathlon?

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How many events make up the Heptathlon?
posted Jul 8, 2017 by Ram Jana

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1 Answer

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A heptathlon is a track and field combined events contest made up of seven events,following are the 7 events in hepatathlon.
100 metres hurdles
High jump
Shot put
200 metres
Long jump
Javelin throw
800 metres

A competitor in a heptathlon is referred to as a heptathlete. There are two heptathlons – the women's heptathlon and the men's – composed of different events. The men's heptathlon is older and is held indoors, while the women's is held outdoors and was introduced in the 1980s, first appearing in the Olympics in 1984.

answer Jul 11, 2017 by Chaitra N