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7 fascinating Facts of Kabaddi

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Despite the fact that the beginnings of Kabaddi are as yet not clear, we know this game has its starting point in Indian subcontinent. It is to a great extent trusted that Kabaddi was Invented by Arjuna's child Abhimanyu in the Indian Mythology of Mahabharat. In the event that you recall the Chakravyuh which encompassed Abhimanyu was an arrangement of seven circles and this is the motivation behind why the game is seven against one.

Since Kabaddi is India's native sport, it has been played in Indian subcontinent from as long as 4000 years. And its also the national sports of Bangladesh

India displayed Kabaddi for the first time in the International level in the year 1936 during the Berlin Olympics. What's fascinating is the way that the diversion is presently played in a few nations including USA, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Argentina. In the year 2010, ladies' kabaddi was likewise incorporated into the Asian Games of Guangzhou.

India is best when it comes to Kabaddi. In fact it is the only game in which our team whether women or men, have never lost even a single world cup.

 It is a state sport of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. What’s more, the term Kabaddi is derived from Tamil words “Kai Pidi” meaning hold your hands.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is the second most watched sport in India

Indian commentator Charu Sharma and his brother-in-law Anand Mahindra came together to start Pro Kabaddi league. What’s more, they also involved good friends Ronnie Screwvala, Uday Kotak and Kishore Biyani into it. Charu also approached Abhishek Bachchan who purchased the Jaipur team.

posted May 26, 2017 by Kevin J

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It's one game wherever we've dominated the planet. No one's defeated U.S. at any massive international tournament. Kabaddi, Kabaddi Kabaddi could be a chant several people grew up hearing. however over the years, the mantra grew fainter as different sports dominated our mindscape. Then came on Star Sports professional Kabaddi League last year and everybody started talking Kabaddi once more. actually the league was the second most watched sporting tournament on TV when the IPL! As a replacement season of PKL launches, here square measure some very fascinating facts regarding the game that in some ways defines the spirit of Republic of India. #LePanga except for a decent cause!

1. It's believed that Kabaddi was compete in India as so much back as 4000 years.


2. Whereas the origins of the sport area unit still not clear, several believe the game was fabricated by Abhimanyu throughout the Mahabharata battle at Kurukshetra.


3. The word ‘Kabaddi’ has return from a Tamil word, Kai-pidi, which suggests ‘holding hands’.


4. Kabaddi is that the national game of Bangladesh.


5. Kabaddi 1st received international exposure once India incontestable the game throughout the Berlin athletic competition in 1936.


6. It had been solely in 1995 that the primary women’s kabaddi event was control in India. That was at urban center. Then in 2010, women's kabaddi was enclosed within the Asian Games at city.


7. The Pro Kabaddi League inaugural season was the second-most viewed sports tournament on Indian TV in 2014 once the IPL.


8. Pro Kabaddi League’s initial season was watched by 435 million people! that is a extremely spectacular range considering the Cricket World Cup this year with a viewership of 635 million was the foremost watched event within the history of Indian TV.


9. Thirty four countries are going to be drawn within the second season of PKL.


10. Kabaddi is that the solely sport during which the Indian team, each men and girls, have won all the globe cups since its conception.


11. The spirited sport is additionally compete in countries like Italian Republic, Spain, Argentina, Denmark, USA and Belgium.


12. Kabaddi is compete anyplace and by anybody. All it needs may be a ground and a whistle.


Table Tennis is a sport that can be played by everyone, Whether you're 18 months old or 100 years of age. So let's take a look at the 7 Most Fascinating Facts about this great sport.

Table Tennis was invented in the late 1880s in England

  • Table tennis as we know it today, started in the late 1880s in England. 
  • Game makers were trying to emulate the popularity of Lawn Tennis by developing indoor versions of it. 
  • So early versions were made by different game manufacturers who each used their own exclusive patented or trademarked names. 
  • These names included Indoor Tennis, Gossima, Whiff-Waff and Ping Pong and games consisted of card games, board & dice games, rackets & balloon games and even tiddley winks games. 
  • But the first action game of tennis on a table was in 1890. In the 1920s the owners of the trademarked name "Ping Pong" started to threaten legal action against anybody who used their name without specifying the use of their equipment, so an alternative name was required - and Table Tennis was chosen as the official name for this International sport.

The International Governing body and the official Rules of Table Tennis were formulated in 1926

  • The Governing body of table tennis - the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) - was formed in January 1926 by representatives from the Table Tennis Associations of Austria, England, Germany and Hungary.
  • Following that meeting, Austria, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Sweden and Wales were all invited to become the original members of the ITTF.
  • They also agreed the first Constitution and the original Rules of Table Tennis in December 1926.
  • Many of the original rules remain relatively unchanged after nearly 100 years of use.

Ping Pong Diplomacy took place in 1971

  • China stunned the world when they invited England, the USA, Canada and Colombia to play a series of friendly matches in China. 
  • This was the first contact China had made with the rest of the world for six years.
  • The media all around the world dubbed this as "Ping Pong Diplomacy". 
  • Although Ping Pong Diplomacy appeared to be a spontaneous act of friendship, it had been meticulously planned by the Chinese leaders.

Chinese players dominate the game

China has made table tennis its national sport and their players completely dominate the world rankings and the winners rostrums around the world. They've won 98 of the 119 World Championship titles available since 1981.

  • Men's Singles = 12 of 17
  • Women's Singles = 15 of 17
  • Men's Doubles = 12 of 17
  • Women's Doubles = 16 of 17
  • Mixed Doubles = 15 of 17
  • Men's Team = 14 of 18
  • Women's Team = 16 of 18

There are more than 1,500 varieties of table tennis rubbers

  • To compete in sanctioned table tennis events, players can only use authorised racket coverings (rubbers) on their rackets. 
  • One side must be black and one side must be red, but players can use different varieties on each side of their racket. 
  • There are more than 1,500 varieties of table tennis rubbers on the authorised list. 
  • Rubbers are either smooth or pimpled and by using different rubbers, players can impart different spins on the ball.

Table Tennis balls are now made from plastic

  • Since 1901 table tennis balls have been made of celluloid, but these are now being phased out. 
  • Since 1 July 2014 all International events only use table tennis balls made from plastic. 
  • From September 2015 all affiliated countries are being encouraged to only use the new plastic balls.

Table tennis is the most popular indoor sport in the world

  • Table Tennis is the most popular indoor sport in the world with 222 Associations from countries and territories all around the world being affiliated to the International Table Tennis Federation.
  • Table Tennis is played at the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games and 34 million viewers in China watched the 2012 London Olympics men's singles gold medal match. 
  • The sport is popular because it can be played by everyone, whatever their age or physical attributes. 
  • And although it is an indoor sport, it can also be played outdoors as a social event.


Synchronized swimming, the specialized name for moving to Enigma in water, is an Olympic game. So is race strolling, where the competitors need to keep no less than one feet fixed on the ground constantly, which results in a hip development that was idealized by Shakira in 2005 AD. At that point there is the advanced pentathlon, which fundamentally tests a competitors' capacity to escape in the wake of executing somebody. Yet, these are not the most unusual games we have found in Olympics' unfathomable history. These maybe won't highlight in the main 20 list.

1. Pigeon shooting

Life was easier in those days. It happened amid a period when PETA did not exist, and much sooner than Nintendo's celebrated Duck Hunt diversion appeared. 300 feathered creatures were murdered amid the occasion in 1900, with Belgium's Leon de Lunden winning gold with 21 dead pigeons. One marvels if the victor was permitted to take them home.

2. Tug-of-war 

This diversion demonstrated extraordinary movement, from being an evaluation school amusement to being an Olympic game in 1900. The goal was simple–to pull your adversaries six feet over the line, and after that ideally into the ground, before stamping their face with your boots and taking their things. This ought to have been the official game of this Olympics, Rio, you City of God.

3. Club swinging 

The pre-developed form of musical acrobatic, where knocking down some pins were utilized as a part of spot of strips in a far-less rich drill. Truth be told, it looked more like the activities oil-clad wrestlers perform in Indian akharas. Try not to trust us? watch this video underneath.  It highlighted in the Games from 1904 to 1932. USA's George Roth, who was battling the Great Depression and craving in his day by day life, was the primary gold decoration champ.

4. La Canne 

This is fencing with a mobile stick, and a type of French military workmanship utilized by high society men of their word as a part of perilous urban communities like Paris, that is whether they come up short on souffles to toss at the aggressor. This showed up, for the main time, in the 1924 Olympics in Paris.

5. Rope Climbing

This was straight out of the educational modules of physical instruction classes when physical training classes were really physical, and tiresome at any rate. The climbers needed to rise up a 14-meter-long rope, and they were judged taking into account time and style, albeit later the style remainder was taken off - mysteriously. Rope climbing included in the Olympics from 1896 to 1932, and the most significant minute amid its spell in the Games touched base in 1904.
George Eyser won a gold in this occasion in 1904, and he did as such with a wooden leg. A train kept running over Eyser's left leg, which prompted the removal of his left leg and was supplanted with a stump. Be that as it may, Eyser utilized this impairment to achieve higher, actually.

6. High and Long jump for Horses

Yes, these two occasions occurred in the 1900 Olympics too. The stallions were at long last allowed to demonstrate their capacity to jump and hop, in spite of the fact that they were made to do as such while conveying a human on their back. Steady van Langendonck won the long bounce occasion while riding on his steed which was inquisitively named "Additional Dry". The stallion jumped a separation of 6.10m, while Mike Powell secured 8.95 meters in 1991. In Extra Dry's barrier, Powell was not conveying a steed on his back. Dominique Gardères of France won the high bounce occasion on his steed Canela with a hop of 1.85m, that too without endeavoring the scissors.

7. Obstacle swimming

And we are back to the 1900 Games again. The event was hosted in the muddy waters of River Seine, and the swimmers had to climb a pole, make their way through a row of boats, and then swim under another before they can swim across the finish line. Michael Phelps has had it too easy.

8. Plunge for distance

In the event that you thought the French were bizarre, you were not too far-removed the imprint, but rather, in 1904, America figured out how to exceed France. After croquet was evacuated, USA presented an American rendition of the same game, named Roque, into the Games. It was additionally the main Olympics where swimming separations were measured in yards, not meters. It saw a fight between the American and the Hungarian group in the swimming 50-yard race. Another fight resulted between the German and the American groups in an occasion named 'extravagant jumping'. The Germans asserted they were 'fancier', while the Americans guaranteed they had the better sections, and the Germans couldn't think less about that.

9. Underwater Swimming

The goal of this occasion was to swim beneath the surface of the water for up to 60 meters. The contenders were granted 2 focuses for every meter secured, and 1 point for consistently they were submerged. Obviously, suffocating did not tally. What's more, yes, it additionally included just once in the Olympics—1900 Paris.

10. Croquet​

Thumping balls around on a velvet garden used to be a reason for being a tease and getting enjoyably inebriated on diluted wine in Victorian times, however then in 1900 they considered the diversion excessively important and tossed it in with the general mish-mash in the 1900 Olympics in France. The occasion got to be huge for two reasons: Firstly, it was the main Olympic occasion where both the genders went up against each other in the same occasion. Besides, one and only onlooker acquired a ticket for the occasion. Just French contenders agreed to it, guaranteeing France of three awards. That was the last time this diversion showed up in Olympics after an official report said that Croquet is an amusement with "scarcely any claims to physicality."


Indian Cricket team’s maximum a hit check Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has introduced his retirement from test Cricket, powerful immediately. known as the arena’s nice finisher of the game of Cricket, not a good deal can ruffle the feathers of Captain Cool. There aren’t sufficient adjectives to explain this cricketing genius, his leadership skills are extraordinary, his know-how of the sport rather powerful and his brute electricity makes him a dangerous batsman.

Here are a few lesser known information about MS Dhoni, as he is fondly recognized, in and out of the dressing room.

1. The wicket keeper batsman made his ODI debut towards Bangladesh in 2004, and become run out on the first ball.


2. In keeping with Forbes, MS Dhoni’s net really worth is $30 million, which exceeds master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s net well worth.


3. Mahi is the only Indian captain to have led his group to victory in all three principal ICC tournaments: the Twenty-20 international Cup (2007), 50 Over world Cup (2011) and the Champion’s Trophy (2013).


4. Dhoni is India’s most successful cricket captain, having led India to 27 take a look at victories and a whopping 163 one-day victories. His win percent is likewise exceptional: 45% in checks and 61% in one-day internationals.


5. In 2007, it turned into Sachin Tendulkar who recommended MS Dhoni’s name for India’s skipper, given Dhoni’s calm nature and pleasant equation with the relaxation of the crew.


6. Dhoni changed into conferred with the honorary rank of Lt Colonel by way of the Indian Territorial military in November 2011. Dhoni has, again and again, iterated that he would love to play a few role in the army within the future.


7. MSD loves speedy motorcycles. He has 23 of them, and counting.


8. Dhoni became employed as a educate ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur Railway Station from 2001 to 2003.

9. Dhoni is the best player to win the ICC participant of the 12 months award, two times.

10. In 2012, SportsPro rated Dhoni as the 16th most marketable athlete in the world.


11. MS Dhoni is a big fan of Adam Gilchrist.


12. Dhoni became contracted by using the Chennai exquisite Kings for 1.five Million USD. This made him the maximum highly-priced player in the IPL for the primary season auctions.


13. Dhoni is the only captain within the ODIs to attain a century while batting at variety 7. He did it in opposition to Pakistan in December 2012.


14. MSD has partnered with Telugu filmstar Akkineni Nagarjuna in shopping for a Supersport international Championship crew and named it Mahi Racing crew India.


15. A biographical film based at the lifestyles of Dhoni, titled M. S. Dhoni: The Untold story, is about to be released in 2015. The film functions Sushant Singh Rajput playing the function of Dhoni.