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Why so many boxing organizations and their differences?

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I came across a quite impressive list of boxing organizations (link to a French Wikipedia page without its English version). Why do so many organizations exist? WBA, WBO, WBC, IBF, IBC, IBO, etc.

posted May 24, 2017 by Vijay

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1 Answer

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  1. Many would just thought "Hey we start out own boxing organization!", others did because they were apart of other boxing organizations and had disagreements so they started their organization. In retrospect its actually kind of childish. It makes more money since each of them have their own organization and if a boxer is willing to pay their sanctioning fee, then they're willing to give them the title of a "world champion".

  2. Different people have different interpretations of them, some people like the WBA since it's the oldest and some people like the WBC because its a more popular organization. But when you're an up and coming boxer, you don't care for preference, a title is a title.

  3. The WBA started out as the National Boxing Association in 1921 and later on came to be the World Boxing Association. The WBC then came in 1963 and was the first organization reduce fights to a 12 round max limit and went bankrupt in 2004 after a lawsuit but eventually survived. Then came the IBF in 1983 where a man who didn't get elected to become president of the WBA got fed up and some people followed him along and formed a new world organization. The IBF used to be the USBA, a regional boxing organization but transformed into the IBF in '83. Then came the WBO (which some still hold as a minor title) in 1988 after some people got fed up with the WBA at the '88 convention and started their own organization.

  4. Mostly for business reasons, they wanna make their own rules and money.

  5. WBA in 1921, WBC in 1963, IBF in 1983, WBO in 1988.

  6. It's different from MMA, in MMA, not only do Strikeforce, UFC, Pride, etc act as MMA organizations but also as promoters, in boxing their are promoters and then they are boxing organizations...just imagine if instead of WBA WBO champs, you had Golden Boy champs and Top Rank champs, Don King champs.

  7. I DOUBT IT! The thing is everyone has different ideas and everyone wants their own money. They have been lenient in recent years about unification matches, but the only time they agree on something is because it'll benefit them financially and not necessarily benefit the sport. They probably never merge.

The list goes on....World Boxing Union, WB Federation, International Boxing Organization, IBAssociation, IBCouncil, EBF.

While not technically an organization, The Ring Magazine awards fighters titles for each weight class and their are usually the most legit champ, the prob is they can't force fighters to fight and have them face the best, but their ratings are the most accurate and if you look at the divisions that have holders, they're usually the true best fighter in that division.


answer Jun 5, 2017 by Adarsh
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