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Which game is the National Game of India?

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Which game is the National Game of India?
posted May 18, 2017 by Ankana Guchait

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1 Answer

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Hockey is the National Game of India. In fact there was nothing like National Sport of India but because of the jaw-dropping success of Indian National hockey team in the last century(1928–1956), it was considered as the National sport of India. It was at that time from 1928 to 1980 Indian hockey team has got 8 Gold medals(6 continuously), 1 silver, 2 bronze medals in the Olympic games. Indian hockey team remained unbeaten for a long time in those days(1928–1956)in the Olympic games. And one more reason for considering it as the Indian National sport was the hockey wizard, unflinching, invincible, hockey player Dhyan chand who was the greatest field hockey player of all times. Who with his indomitable expertise in hockey made India remain the unbeaten country in the Olympic games. And from 1984 to till date Indian hockey team has not got any medals in the Olympics(not summer) resulting in the fading of craze for it in people.

Hockey is the National Game of India.

answer Jun 6, 2017 by Surajit Pal