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Which world boxing champion had fierce knockout power and performed a flip over the top rope upon entering the ring?

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The Prince Naseem Hamad was one of the hardest punchers of all time. He easily disposed of his opponents with one punch, many not getting up for long after the count. He was famed for doing a flip over the top rope when entering the ring and for his playful and charismatic antics. He danced, shuffled, feigned being hurt and playfully teased his opponents. His massive punching power was worrisome to many and there was talk that a massive head injury or worse could occur to one of his opponents at any time. This power, however, eventually proved his downfall. He hit too hard for his hands to withstand the punishment. They would reportedly blow up like balloons after every fight and then even while training. This forced him into an early retirement. Although he enjoyed a wildly successful career and remains of the all time pound for pound greats, he missed out on a match up with Floyd Money Mayweather. Such a match up could've very likely solified his position at the very top. Look online for his charismatic antics, amazing footwork, and greatest hits all set to music. It's the best fight compilition I've ever seen.

posted Apr 10, 2017 by Mike Brown

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