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Who hit the most consecutive sixes in international cricket and how many?

+2 votes

I am looking for answer in all the international cricket formats.
Most consecutive sixes in international cricket.

posted Mar 16, 2017 by Sagar Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

In test matches, 4 is the maximum consecutive sixes, hit by three different batsmen (Shahid Afridi off Harbhajan Singh, Kapil Dev off Eddie Hemmings and AB de Villiers off Andrew McDonalds).

In ODI cricket, 4 is the maximum consecutive sixes, hit by Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa against Dan van Bunge of Netherlands during 2007 World cup. Dimitri Mascarenhas of England once hit Yuvraj Singh of India for 5 sixes in the final over of an ODI at the Oval in 2007.

In T20 Internationals, Yuvraj Singh is only batsman to hit 6 consecutive sixes, achieving the feat against Stuart Broad of England during inagural World T20 in 2007 at Durban.

answer Apr 18, 2017 by Chetan Hindu