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Does any competition currently give solid gold medals to winners?

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I read from some sources that the dream of every sportsman, the Olympic Gold Medal, is not 100% pure gold. Do any of the present sports competitions give pure solid gold medals for the winners?

posted Mar 15, 2017 by Raghav Choudhary

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1 Answer

0 votes

Yes, some sports competitions still give out solid gold awards to the winners. According to Wikipedia, the Kentucky Derby awards the only solid gold trophy in sports. Professional sports championship rings (such as Super Bowl rings, World Series rings, and NBA championship rings), are usually solid gold.

Championship belts are usually gold plated. However, there are occasionally solid gold championship belts made for special events, such as the 2013 WBC Mayweather vs. Alvarez belt and the 2015 WBC Mayweather vs Pacquiao belt.

answer Mar 23, 2017 by Tanmay