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Which reigning Light-Heavyweight Champion once won the Heavyweight crown?

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posted Mar 4, 2017 by Deepak Jangid

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Too Black Too Strong Roy Jones Jr. While he won the Olympic Trials in 1987 after winning the East coast trials I took 2nd in the Western US trials in Houston at barely 17 years old losing a split decision to future 2 time world middle weight champion Thomas Tate. Younger brother to the dominant Light Heavyweight champ Frank Tate. Two years easier I easily won a unanimous bout and a national championship out pointing Chris Byrd a future Heavyweight World Champion and someone I deeply respect in many ways. He had 100 more amateur bouts than me at the time. He also had the work ethic and determination to become a champion which I obviously did not as I quit soon after spending the following spring and summer training at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY hoping for international competition. My longtime sparring partner and good friend Frank Vassar was one of the most dominant amateur boxers of all time. In lieu of a professional career and likely world championship he went on to a very successful career in the Air Force and now meets with Heads of State and Industry passing laws protecting our soldiers. I chose business and became the 4th largest Fleetwood factory built housing provider in the US out of over 2500 dealerships in 2007/2008. Our boxing days were our glory days but boxing also provided us with the self discipline and determination to be successful in our careers even without a World Championship Belt.

Thanks for the answer Mike.
I guessed at half these answers. Is that ok or should I only reply if I'm sure of my answer? Roy just very recently retook the Light Heavyweight title. Didn't Michael Spinks do the same years ago?
Oops. It says current reigning. It's Roy. Very up to date. Thanks
Post Script. I believe Roy Jones Jr beat John Ruiz to claim his Professional Heavyweight Title. Ruiz and I were on the US team training at Lake Placid NY in the late 80s. We were great sparring partners and good competition for each other. Like some World Champions, John Ruiz was extremely successful in the pros, a World Heavyweight Champion but had limited amateur exposure. This is fairly rare, but definitely not unheard of. He is a tremendous athlete and a great competitor.