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What is the difference between slow pitch softball and regular softball?

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What is the difference between slow pitch softball and regular softball?
posted Feb 20, 2017 by Ramya

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1 Answer

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Difference between slow pitch softball and regular softball

  1. The main difference is the manner of throwing the ball. In fast-pitch, the ball is thrown straight or in a windmill-type motion across the plate. The throw is also powerful or with deceptive movements to make it harder to hit by the opposing team’s batter. On the other hand, slow-pitch involves throwing the ball in an arch and at moderate speed so that the batter can hit the ball.

  2. In fast-pitch, the pitcher plays a central role. The main objective of the pitcher is to make sure that the batters don’t hit the ball and make the batters strike out. The pressure is on the offensive team. Meanwhile, slow-pitch places the pressure on the defensive team after the ball is introduced into play. Slow-pitch encourages the ball to be “in the game.”

  3. Fast-pitch games have nine players on the field and played within nine innings. In contrast, slow-pitch involves ten players and seven innings per game.

answer Apr 17, 2017 by Shantanu Arora
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