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Indian cricket had a famous bowler with a physical deformity, who was he?

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posted Dec 27, 2016 by Abu Anam

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1 Answer

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B. S. Chandrasekhar

B. S. Chandrasekhar is a former Indian cricketer who played as a leg spinner. Considered among the top echelon of leg spinners, Chandrasekhar along with E.A.S. Prasanna, Bishen Singh Bedi and Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan constituted the Indian spin quartet that dominated spin bowling during the 1960s and 1970s. At a very young age, polio left his right arm withered. Chandrasekhar played 58 Test matches, capturing 242 wickets at an average of 29.74 in a career that spanned sixteen years.

In Indian cricket had a famous bowler B. S. Chandrasekhar with a physical deformity

answer Jan 4, 2017 by Sherlyn Mishra