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What is the nick name of Virat Kohli?

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posted Dec 15, 2016 by Vijay

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2 Answers

+1 vote

Virat Kohli
India's Test captain Virat Kohli, who is better knows as 'Chikoo' by his friends and family. There are many theories behind the origin of the name with some believeing that it had something to do with Kohli being chubby and having chubby 'cheeks' as a child. According to Yuvraj Singh's book 'Test of My Life' the author believe that Kohli's nickname must have been derived from the famous comic series 'Champak' which had a character 'Chikoo'.

answer Dec 19, 2016 by Diya Borda
+1 vote

Cheeku is the nick name of Virat Kohli

answer Dec 28, 2016 by Arun Angadi