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What are the types of bowlers in cricket?

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What are the types of bowlers in cricket?

posted Sep 24, 2016 by Varghese Anthony

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1 Answer

0 votes
  1. Based on the hand that is used to bowl.
    A) Left Arm B) Right Arm
  2. Based on the speed of bowling.
    A)Fast B)Fast medium C) Medium D) Slow
  3. In slow bowling, there are two types again.
    A)Finger spin B) Wrist spin.
  4. For right arm slow bowlers, finger spin is called offspin and wrist spin in called legspin.
  5. For left arm slow bowlers, finger spin is just called slow and wrist spin is called chinaman.
  6. These are the designated bowling actions. There can be combinations like Right Arm Fast Medium or Left Arm Chinaman for example.
  7. Apart from the designated actions, there are some subtle variations like offcutter, leg cutter, googly, doosra, flipper, zooter armball, bouncer etc,
answer Sep 26, 2016 by Pratiksha Shetty
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