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Can you work out their ages?

0 votes

Megha and her father love puzzles. When Megha’s cousin asked her how old she was she told her :“If I doubled my age and subtracted 1, it would be the same as my father’s age - and if you reverse the digits of his age, you get my age.”
Can you work out their ages?

posted May 26, 2014 by Mishthy Mukherjee

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2 Answers

+1 vote

As per the question, we came to know that age of father is an odd number, as double age of meghna -1. so the 1st digit of age of meghna is an odd #.

then after on trail and error basis we found 37 as age of meghna and 73 as age of meghna's father.

As 37 *2 -1 = 73.

answer May 26, 2014 by Kunal Shah
0 votes

37 meghas age, 73 fathers age.

answer Jun 12, 2014 by Binu Mon
Please provide the working and explanation when u use the answer option, alternatively you can try the commenting option if u need to leave the comment. Its not to discourage you but descriptive answer are appreciated by the people and also help them to understand the solution.

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You are told that both of them are lying throughout in the conversation.

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Four stupid friends meet each other after long time.They are so stupid that they start talking about their suits

  • There were a total of eight suits, two in each color, black, brown, pink and white.
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Aditya is 45 years older than his son Atul. If you find similarities between their ages, both of their ages contains prime numbers as the digits. Also, Aditya age is the reverse of Atul age.

Can you find their ages ?

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With a little detective work and deep thought, the following facts can make an accurate statement. Can you figure it out?
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Detective Karamchand had been called to investigate the disappearance of a woman called Jaya Sharma.
He knocked on the door of the house she had been living in with her husband.
Parth Sharma answered. 'Thanks for coming, Detective. My wife went missing today. I noticed a few weird things around the house, but I left everything as it was for your arrival. Nobody else lives in the house.'
Karamchand was led to the dining room. 'Last time I saw Jaya, she was having breakfast at 7am in this room today, before I left for work. When I came home at 5pm today, the breakfast was still on the table. There it is.' He gestured towards the table, which had breakfast on it. 'The suspicious thing is, she never goes out for more than 5 hours at a time and she always lets me know. I am suspicious.'
As Karamchand walked towards the table, he noticed a scrumpled piece of paper on the floor. It didn't have anything written on it.
He accidentally knocked over a coffee cup on the dining table, spilling it on his hand. Fortunately, it had only scalded his hand slightly. 'Sorry!' He walked to the sink to rinse it.
'What a shame,' said Parth. 'Jaya doesn't get on very well without her coffee. It's a shame she didn't drink it. Personally, I hate coffee.'
In the sink was a Post-It with 'Go Inside' written on it. There was a long pink string tied between two cabinet handles at the very top of the kitchen. The window was open and a smashed bowl was on the windowsill.
'From this evidence, Parth, either you are faking the disappearance, or you are involved.'
How did he work it out?

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