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How many number of rectangles are present in a AxB matrix?

0 votes
How many number of rectangles are present in a AxB matrix?
posted May 25, 2014 by anonymous

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Let A be a 2x3 matrix and B a 3x2 matrix. If AxB and BxA both defined and determinant of the matrix AxB is 4, then evaluate the determinant of the matrix BxA.

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An astronaut lands on a newly discovered planet with life!

After surveying the planet for a few days, he concludes and reports back to Earth that there are 537 aliens of one species and 798 aliens of another species but he also finds 335 aliens with both characteristics of both the species.

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12 dots are plotted like 3 dots per each row plotted evenly.than how many rectangles,of varying sizes,can you find that would use any four of these dots for their vertices (corners)?

Note: Remember,a square is also considered a rectangle.

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