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Guess the nursery rhymes from the following images?

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posted May 23, 2014 by Salil Agrawal

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Find the value of the Blank. Nursery Rhymes - 1st Letter is beginning of word, 2nd is number count of letters in a word?

__, B6, I2, F7, D4, F7, D4, F7, D4

Answer: L6 (LONDON bridge is falling down falling down falling down)

1) R3, R3, R3, Y4, B4, __, D4, T3, S6
2) D4, C4, T3, R4, A3, W6, T3, __, O3
3) U2, __, T3, W5, S2, H4, L4, A1, D7, I2, T3, S3
4) O3, F3, M2, M6, A3, O3, F3, M3, __
5) W4, A1, Q5, Q5, __, A3, Q5, Q5, T5

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