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How do you explain it?

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It was a beautiful sunny morning. The air was fresh and a mild wind was blowing against my wind screen. I was driving from Bangalore to Brindavan Gardens. It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the journey.
After lunch I returned to Bangalore. I drove for 90 minutes.
How do you explain it?

posted May 23, 2014 by Rahul Vaidya

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2 Answers

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Best answer

You have poor decision making skills when it comes to driving destinations. That is how I explain that you chose to go to Brindavan Gardens for lunch. Then again, you live in Bangalore, so there's clearly no accounting for taste. As for the driving times, one would likely expect there to be some variation in times due to traffic fluctuations, etc. The fact that both trips took you EXACTLY the same amount of time is rather extraordinary, but likely a chance occurrence. But that would first require the readers to realize that 90 minutes and an hour and a half are exactly the same amount of time. I infer that you were hoping for someone to try to explain a discrepancy in the times, if they didn't realize this fact, but it's much more difficult to explain how they ended up being the SAME.

answer Jun 2, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes

1 hour 30 mins= 90 mins

answer Jun 12, 2014 by Binu Mon

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