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How should 100 gold coins be divided into 10 bags so that any denomination should be possible?

+1 vote

Johny has entrusted John with 1000 Gold Coins.They are to be kept safely in 10 sealed bags. John should give Johny any number of coins on demand without opening the bags.

Divide 1000 coins into 10 bags

How should the gold coins be divided and kept in sealed bags?

posted Aug 31, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

coins in 10 bags

answer Aug 31, 2015 by Narender Singh Verma

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Two Friends, Sohan and Costubh,
are about to have lunch in a small village.
When a stranger approaches them,
The stranger tells them that he has no food,
But would be happy to pay them if they can share some of theirs.
The two agree.
Sohan has 5 loaves of bread and Costubh has 3.
They divide the bread equally among the three of them.
After they finish the meal,
the stranger puts 8 coins of equal value on the table in payment.
How should the coins be divided,
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+1 vote

In front of you are 3 chests:
Chest A has been labelled with "100 gold coins",
Chest B has been labelled with "50 gold and 50 silver coins",
Chest C has been labelled with "100 silver coins".

You are told that all of the labels are incorrectly placed, as they describe the contents of another chest. To help you determine which is the chest which contains "100 gold coins", you are allowed to randomly pick a coin from any chest,

Which chest should you pick a coin from?

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You have a thousand Re. 1 coins with you. You have ten bags with you and you can put any number of coins in each of the bags. The condition is that if someone asks you for any amount between 1 and 1000, you must be able to give that amount by just giving the bag (you are not allowed to open the bag and give coins).

How will you do it?

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There are 10 bags full of coins out of which one bag is full of fake coins which we don’t know. But you do know that genuine coins weigh 01 gram, but fake weighs 1.1 grams. We have to identify that bag in minimum readings a digital weighing machine.