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What is its average speed of train?

0 votes

A train is going at a speed of 60kmph towards Bangalore from Mumbai and returned back at a speed of 30kmph.

What is its average speed of train?

posted May 17, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Answer is 40 km/h.

because for average speed we will use Harmonic mean like

average speed = (2 x 60 x 30) / (60 + 30) = (2 x 60 x 30) / (90) = 40.

answer Jun 20, 2014 by Anuj Agrawal
0 votes

If X is the distance between mumbai to banglore
then total time is T=X/60 + X/30=X/20
average speed=(total distance)/(total time taken)=2*X/(X/20)=40km/hr

answer Aug 19, 2014 by Kamran Siddique

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