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How many times do you think I need to break it to get what I want ?

+1 vote

There is a 2 x 8 chocolate bar I have with me. I can break this bar along the length or the breadth. Now, I want to obtain 1 x 1 pieces.

How many times do you think I need to break it to get what I want ?

posted Jul 20, 2015 by Nimish

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3 Answers

+2 votes

The answer is 15 times

answer Aug 1, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes

one along the length and then 7 times half the two long pieces.
8 times in total.

answer Jul 27, 2018 by Ahmad Cheragh
0 votes

You can calculate it using old school way. However if you want to solve using logic, you can look below:
There is one piece of chocolate and we need exactly 2 x 8 = 16 pieces.
Whenever you break that bar, you will get one more piece. Thus, you will need to break it (16 - 1) = 15 times.

answer Apr 20, 2020 by Dilbagh

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