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How many bottles do you think he can buy in exchange of those 77 empty bottles ?

0 votes

A shopkeeper allows people to buy a bottle of cold drink in exchange of five empty bottled. A guy had a party at home and he managed to spend 77 cold drink bottles in the party. Now he has 77 empty bottles with him.

How many bottles do you think he can buy in exchange of those 77 empty bottles ?

posted Jul 20, 2015 by Atif

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1 Answer

0 votes

19 in total.
15 in the first go.
But if he also drinks those bottles, he can buy another 3
And drinking those gets him another 5 (3 + 2 left over from 77), getting him another bottle
15 + 3 + 1 = 19 bottles.

answer Jul 21, 2015 by Jcm

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Emperor Akbar had a passion for hunting. So one day he asked Birbal to accompany him to the jungles. After a full day of hunting King Akbar decided to rest in that jungle. Soon he heard two owls hooting loudly. Akbar wanted to know what were they talking about.

“Birbal, what do you think those two owls are saying to each other?” he asked.

Birbal who is always ready with a reasoning, answered, “Huzoor, they are discussing dowry. The owl who happens to be groom’s father wants 40 jungles in which there are no animals. The bride’s father says he can only arrange for 20.”
At that very moment one of the owl’s hooted once more.

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How fast do you think he could have rode a mile if there was no wind ?

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