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How many sheep are in my truck and how many sheep are in your truck?

0 votes

I have a truckload of sheep and you have a truckload of sheep. If I were to give you one of my sheep, we would both have the same amount of sheep. However, if you were to have given me one of your sheep instead, I'd have twice as many sheep as you.

How many sheep are in my truck and how many sheep are in your truck?

posted May 9, 2015 by Saif Khanam

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1 Answer

+1 vote

First person have 7 sheeps,
Second one have 5 sheeps.
If first person were to give one of his sheep to second person, both of them have 6
However, if second person were to have given first person one of his sheep instead, first person have 8 and second person have half of him, that is 4

answer May 10, 2015 by Sreejith Pottathil

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While going to your grandfatherr's house, you counted seventeen houses on the right side. While returning back to your home, you counted seventeen houses on the left side.

How many houses are there between your home and your grandfather's home?

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A lone, old, wise wolf was walking through the snow on a blistery, cold winter's night. The wolf had not eaten in several weeks, and was on the verge of starvation. He was terribly thin and hungry. He soon came upon a pasture with a herd of sheep inside. Several sheep would provide the perfect meal, plump and promising. The wolf might not get another chance to eat for days. In his thin state, the wolf could easily slip through the fence surrounding the pasture and kill as many sheep as he pleased. But when he finished eating, he would be too big to slip through the fence again and the farmer might find him stuck in the pasture with the sheep.

How did the wolf manage to eat as many sheep as he liked and not be caught in the pasture by the farmer the next day?

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A horse is worth as much as two bulls and one sheep.
A bull is worth as much as two cows.
Two cows are worth as much as five donkeys.
A donkey is worth as much as four sheep.

How many sheep is a horse worth?

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There are six leopards and one sheep.
Leopard can eat sheep.
But since as the land is magical, the leopards who eats the sheep , turns into sheep and then can be eaten by the remaining leopard(s).
If we leave them for some time then how many sheep and leopard will be there , when we come back ?

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