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Name two different words using following words only... 1. Without me 60% living beinga cant survive.. 2. Without........

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Name two different words using following words only... 1. Without me 60% living beinga cant survive.. 2. Without me none ( living+non-living cant survive... 3. Both have five letters each but both r anagrams of each other..

posted May 9, 2015 by Kuldeep Apte

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I am a 3 letter word. 1 and 2 are same 3 is first letter of the word which is common to everyone who lives in this world. what it is?

0 votes

Some multi syllable first names sound like words or phrases. Using the clues provided can you figure out what first name fits?
e.g. Ernie's uncooked friend would be Robert (Raw Bert).
The hint gives the gender most often associated with the name.

1) Da daughter of da brother is ____.
2) What the studio does after Mr. Majors finishes filming for them.
3) A group of adult males interested in automobiles.
4) The male child of pro golfer Mr. Nicklaus
5) What the other kids called the quiet intervened girl from Green Gables.

+2 votes

बिना मात्रा के एवं बिना आ का डंडा लगाए नाम बताने है
फिल्म का नाम – दम

  1. फूल का नाम-
  2. मिठाई का नाम-
  3. जानवर का नाम-
  4. बरतन का नाम-
  5. सब्जी का नाम-
  6. दाल का नाम-
  7. पोशाक का नाम-
  8. एक रसोइ मसाला-
  9. राजा का नाम-
  10. कपडे का नाम-
  11. शहर का नाम-
  12. भगवान कृष्ण का नाम-
  13. धातु का नाम-
  14. आंख का दूसरा नाम-
  15. एक रितु का नाम-
  16. एक पेड़ का नाम-
+2 votes

Seven letters are we,
Four different words we make.
Guess us or be ridiculed;
Your reputation's at stake.

The first has pictures,
Paintings and such.
The second causes sneezing,
From ragweed or dust.
The third is an adverb,
It's hard to explain
It's the same as immensely
But it's much more plain.
If you can act like a king,
this word you will sing.

These clues are sparse
This riddle may be tough.
But if you are smart
Then it will be enough.

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