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You are in a one-story house, and everything is blue. The floors, the ceiling, the wall.......What color are the stairs?

–1 vote

You are in a one-story house, and everything is blue. The floors, the ceiling, the walls, the tables, the chairs, everything is blue! What color are the stairs?

posted Apr 14, 2015 by Pushpak Chauhan

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6 Answers

+1 vote

house don't have any stairs.... its one storey

answer Apr 15, 2015 by anonymous
+1 vote

Its a one story house. It does not have stairs.

answer Apr 15, 2015 by anonymous
+1 vote

one storey house do not have stairs

answer Jul 24, 2015 by Raveendra Raj
0 votes

If the house have Stair to go to the roof then it may be " BLUE"

answer Sep 29, 2015 by Varghese Anthony
0 votes


answer Apr 12, 2016 by Erica Lorenzo
0 votes

There weren’t any stairs, it was a one story house!

answer Nov 2, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana

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+1 vote

In a one-storey pink house,
there was a pink person,
a pink cat,
a pink fish,
a pink computer,
a pink chair,
a pink table,
a pink telephone,
a pink shower– everything was pink!

What color were the stairs?

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There are three houses in a straight row. One is red, one is blue, and one is white. The red house is left of the middle. The blue house is right of the middle.
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There are 3 houses. a brown house a green house and white house. if the green house is in front of the brown house. and the brown house is in the back of the green house, Where is the white house?

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