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Guess me: I’m a 9 letter word, study of the earth’s surface 9,3,4,6 Indian invented

–2 votes

I’m a 9 letter word, study of the earth’s surface
9,3,4,6 Indian invented exercise
1,2,6,5 toothed wheel
8,9,7,2,5 more active than normal
Who am I?

posted Apr 10, 2015 by Nimish

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1 Answer

+1 vote

1G 2e 3o 4g 5r 6a 7p 8h 9y

answer Jun 1, 2015 by Neeraj Binyala

Similar Puzzles
–1 vote

I’m a 9 letter word.
You’ve ten? I’ve none. Gimme five.
5,6,7,2,6 Acts like helping employees
4,7,8,9 Fog
3,5,4 Wife of father
Who/what am I?

–2 votes

I am a 10 letter word
3,4,1 is part of pace
8,9,2,5 is a country
7,2,9 is a name of God
6,8 is a Musical Note
1,10,2 is a fruit

My whole means same
from both sides.
What am I ?

–1 vote

Guess Me:
I am a 10 letter Indian city.
4,5,6 letter is an Educational degree.
10,6,9 is a part of our Face.
1,2,4,5 is used for Hair.
5,6,7 is used in Cricket.

+3 votes

I am a 6 letter word.
Letters 6-5-2 spell out a drink.
Letters 4-5-2-3 spell out a fruit.
Letters 1-2-6 spell out a pet.
Letters 3-2-6 spell out a pest, which often gets eaten by 1-2-6.
What am I?

+1 vote

I am a 11 letter word
1,2,3,4 is a bank’s name
5,6,7 is a car’s name
8,9,10,11 is a mode of transport

What am I?

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